Sunday, December 14, 2008

Episode 4 - Chocobo Consumption Until Laundry Time

A shorter episode featuring discussions of The Grinch, Super Mario RPG, Trainspotting, Final Fantasy Adventure, and the N64 classics, Goldeneye 007 and Star Wars Episode I Racer.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Episode 3 - Some Solace and Black(ball) Power

Music: Maps & Atlases - Trees, Swallows, Houses,
Movies: Quantum of Solace, Malcolm X
Books: The Autobiography of Malcolm X
TV: Boston Legal
Games: almost Samba de Amigo

Arguments regarding: pie, pants

Also featuring the most arbitrary, capricious, and aggressively lethargic use of a blackball ever unleashed in the podosphere. However, the use of the word "blackball" proves inadvertently appropriate considering the civil-rights-related content.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Episode 2 - Bio Miracle Booker T. and the Proust Conspiracy

Now we have this rolling. This week's episode features riveting discussions on the addictive flash game "Ant Buster," the classic Famicom game "Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa," Fyodor Dostoevsky, Virginia Woolf, Albert Camus, Marcel Proust, the newly-Hulu-accessible CGI anime "Mr. Stain on Junk Alley," and the film "Les Glaneurs et La Glaneuse." Other content of interest includes an ascerbic critique of Bryan's new beard. This sucks LESS!

Episode 1 - Frank Savage and Super Fighting Ethics

In the first official episode of Vitamin B6 To Go, the crew discusses BIG ideas for future episodes, as well as Super Mario Bros. and The Wizard. The premiere "video game ethics" segment features the classic "select trick" for defeating the Yellow Devil in the original Mega Man. The new anime appearances on Hulu and Of Montreal are also touched on. Welcome to Vitamin B6!

Episode 0 - King Catankhamun's Revenge

The very first, or more accurately, the 0th episode of Vitamin B6 To Go. In it, the Vitamin B6 staff straightens out what this podcast is going to be like. Also, Bryan annihilates his spectacles - LIVE!